Sunny days and Green thumbs! Planting day 2011

Ahh.. the serenity.....there's nothing like a little gardening to help pull back on life's throttle!! With that in mind, back in September, the Hallett Valley catchment care group went about rounding up a few volunteers from out of the winery to help with our latest planting project. With the promise of sunny skies and a BBQ lunch it wasn't too hard to get people out and into the dirt!

Digging the holes!

The crew get to work... lots to do from here!

Part of our winemaking team handing out the same TLC to the plants as they give to our wines!

All hands on deck....unless your on the camera of course!!!

Masters in the art of plastic and sticks....

Almost done! With Stuart looking suitably impressed!
Even though with so many helpers it only took an hour or so to plant all the was all a bit too much for winemaker....zzzz..... Jeremy....zzzz..... Thankfully our viticulturists have a bit of stamina!!
Big thanks have to go to Liz Ninnes from the NRM Board for supplying some of the native plants used for this planting and also Donovans Earthcare team for also supplying many of the native plants used and also for digging all the holes and their general help on the day!

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