On the starting blocks, ready to leap into it!

Welcome to the first instalment of Green Block Shiraz!

I will start with a bit of a rundown of who we are and what we are about! Basically we are a catchment care group based at St Hallett Winery in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Our little group consists of three enthusiastic members who all work at St Hallett and have decided to do our little bit for the local environment by greening up and restoring as many area's in the winery grounds as we can. This will be done with help from the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Board and the Winery itself.

Some of the projects we have been working on so far include; a little creek which runs through the winery grounds and looked as if it needed some help to keep it's banks together and also the building of 12 (so far) bird and bat breeding/roosting boxes!

The following photos are of a few "volunteers" we found throughout the winery to help us on our day of planting along the creek in Spring 2010!

Ready to grow!

The enthusiastic "volunteers"!!!!

"Senior" Cellarhand Greg (I'm always getting my hands dirty!) Schmidt, getting his hands dirty!!!

Winemaker Shelley enjoying a break from making great wine 

Winemaker Jeremy in quiet contemplation over the pro's and con's of attempting to jump this creek on his skateboard?

Trev from maintenance wondering how to weld this all together!

Our American connection Darin practising his baseball bat grip!

Ian doing what he does best, Shelley looking like she just got bitten by an Inch Ant! and Gaby looking a little amused by it all!


Fiona looking a little too clean for tree planting...... time to get those knees dirty Fi!!

Megs giving moral support!

Justin 'Captain Forklift' Schmidt explaining to a bemused Chris R the merits of doing this job with a forklift and how much easier it would be!

This bloke did a stellar job and definately earnt his beer at the end of the day!!

 Photos of the results will be posted at a later date.
 Not many Inch Ants where harmed during the planting of the trees! that was until Chris R decided the creek would look better without them.......

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